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Public BnB
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Public BnB

UX Research & Design MVP

The US government provides housing assistance money to low-income individuals via the Housing Choice Voucher Program. 250,000 households have vouchers in hand but have not been able to find housing.

Generative research and usability testing revealed an opportunity: reduce the stigma faced by voucher-holders and encourage landlords to make more housing available for these individuals.

We determined the best way to help voucher-holders was to design for the safety and security needs of their potential landlords.

To address the landlord's needs for information transparency, urgency, and pre-screened candidates, we designed a two-sided platform that includes specific tenant information upfront: FICO scores, credit history, and criminal background data.

Three rounds of usability testing and iteration resulted in a design that increased the likelihood of landlords renting to voucher-holding tenants.

The Public BnB app will go live in 2017.




The two-sided platform works best when both parties complete their respective profiles. We designed form elements considering the importance of information and contextual language.


PublicBnb's target landlords are currently using applications like Craigslist to post vacancies. Our goal was to exceed this functionality and improve the landlord experience through in-app messaging and more appealing interface elements.


Voucher-holders are often victims of negative stereotyping. To combat the stigma working against them, it was key to provide landlords with financial and criminal background history upfront.