UX Researcher & Designer


I'm a creative problem solver fueled by empathy for other people's pain points.

Caught in the act of storyboarding

Caught in the act of storyboarding


Design & Lean Startup Consulting

I’m currently working with a collaborative team at Kromatic. We coach teams on lean thinking and practical innovation.

Previous work in operations and as a business consultant gave me the skills to analyze data and communicate with stakeholders. Design allows me to solve problems creatively and collaboratively.

I am fascinated by human behavior. I use empathy and research-backed insights to inform my designs. My diverse geographic and career background allows me to see the world through many lenses on demand.


Yogi. Foodie. Kombucha brewer.

I am a lifetime learner. I love snagging new passport stamps. I enjoy deep conversation, challenging tradition, and developing those around me.

My designs are often inspired by the natural and manmade beauty in our world. Here are some things I've captured lately...